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Treat Yourself to a Nail Salon

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Are you bored with your nails? Looking for new nail ideas? At Posh Salon and Boutique, we know everything about today’s top nails and nail styles. From natural looks to eye dropping hard gel manicures and more, we have styles and ideas for any occasion.

Nail salon client
A Posh babe showing off her newly-styled nails.

Expert Service and a Recharging Experience

Just as you go to a hair salon to have your hair taken care and styled, professional nail salons provide expert service in taking care of and beautifying your nails. Nail salons clip, clean, buffer and/ or polish your nails, and provide nail overlay application and care. Nail salons also provide safe and proper removal of nail overlays.

Nail Care is Self-Care

Nails can easily be neglected in today’s busy world, so having your nails looked after and maintained is a form of self-care. Going to a nail salon doesn’t have to involve getting the most complex or colorful nails overlays; it can be as simple as getting your nails expertly clipped, buffed, and cuticles cleaned. So yes, guys can go to a nail salon for a manicure! Nail care isn’t just for women only. Having clean nails is a plus for everyone.

Fun Day Out

Need a day to catch up with your friends? Nail salons are great places to socialize and just have fun. Bring along your friends for a girl’s day out, and chat as we beautify your nails.

What do we Offer at Posh Salon and Boutique?

When it comes to nails, Posh provide manicures (care and beautifying of fingernails), and pedicures (the same, but for toenails). Our services range from basic nail care and polish, to hard gel overlays and related care and removal, to nail art. When it comes to nails at Posh Salon and Boutique, our goals are for our clients to have a fun, sociable, and relaxing experience that results in clean and professional nails. Let us pamper you! For more about our services, visit our nail services page.


Isn’t it nice when someone else performs your beauty or self-care rituals for you? When you visit a professional nail salon, you get to sit back, relax and be pampered. Part of nail care also involves the care of your hands and feet.

Our Natural Nails services entail soaking and scrubbing of the hands and feet, depending on which exact service you select. And who doesn’t love getting their feet massaged? For example, with our pedicures, we soak, scrub, and massage your feet!

Consider getting our Princess Pedi ($28+), where you can watch your favorite Hulu or Netflix show, while enjoying a Therapeutic Sea Salt Softening Soak, filing and shaping, cuticle trim and care with cuticle softening lotion, moisturizing lotion, massage, and polish. As we said, nail care is self-care, and self-care should be a break from your busy day, and a time for relaxation. Let the stress melt away as we take care of your hands and feet.

Styling Advice

Do you keep seeing all these cool nail art styles and shapes on Pinterest? Or is your friend sporting the coolest patterned nails? Rather than trying to recreate those styles on your own (and getting frustrated in the process), let a professional create the nails of your dreams.

Our amazing team knows all about the latest trends and styles. By visiting a professional nail salon, you can discuss your nail ideas with someone who knows nails like no one else, and we can make those nails happen for you.

Nail salon
The great thing about overlay nails is there are nearly unlimited options.

Natural Nails

If you’re a fan of keeping it simple, we offer several services to keep your nails natural looking and clean. For

example, our Posh Express Manicure ($22+) includes Therapeutic Sea Salt Softening Soak, filing and shaping, cuticle care, massage, and polish.

Add Ons and Extras

We offer nail repair, nail specialty shapes (example: stiletto, coffin, v tip, etc.), and corrective nail care. And of course, we have nail art, using glitter, rhinestones, and hand painted nail art.

Cuticle Care

Cuticle care is just as important as nail care, and professional nail salons make sure to properly care and clean cuticles. No matter how well done your nails are, ragged cuticles can detract from the look. All of our Natural Nails and Hard Gel Extensions services include cuticle care, so there’s no need for you to push or trim your cuticles beforehand.

Bridal Packages

Need to get ready for the big day, or another special occasion? If you’re engaged, gather your bridesmaids together and enjoy a day having your nails beautified for the special day. Posh also provides on-site styling with our “The Bride On-Site” package. Nails, hair, lashes, makeup – we help you get ready for the big event.

Quality Results, Advice, and Nail Maintenance

As cool as those nail styles on Pinterest are, trying to do them on your own can be a chore, or downright impossible if you don’t have the right supplies or experience. Going to a professional nail salon ensures you get the results you want. You get to chat with one of our amazing team members, who can offer ideas for styles and colors.

In addition to getting the nails you want (the right shape, size, color, pattern, overlay, etc.), a professional nail salon also provides maintenance and care for your nails. For example, we offer Hard Gel Rebase ($39+) to maintain your fabulous hard gel nails. We also provide proper and safe removal of gel and acrylic tips. Have us remove hard tips to ensure your nail health.

Nail Overlays

Most women think of acrylic nails when it comes to nail overlays. However, there are different nail overlays out there. And while you may be tempted to use store bought overlays, these are best left to the professionals. Why? Overlays required proper prep, application, drying, care, and removal. Any improper steps can lead to damaging your nail beds, and/ or fungal or bacterial infections, as dirt and debris can get caught under an overlay.

And of course, you want professional salon results for your nails: no bumps, dents, lifting, or incorrect color(s). Avoid any pain and damage by having a professional salon apply, care, and remove nail overlays.

Nail salon styling
Nails make a great addition to an already fabulous outfit.

Here’s an overview of different types of nail overlays:


The best-known nail overlay, acrylic nails involve a liquid and powder polymer. When applied to your natural nails, these create a hard surface when exposed to air. Acrylics have a very strong odor, and some folks may be allergic to the chemicals used in acrylic. The benefits to these nails are that no LED/ UV lights are required to dry them, and the nails are hard and durable. However, if applied and removed incorrectly, these can damage you nail beds. And unlike other nail overlays, acrylics look less natural, as they may look bulky.

Dip Powder

Using colored powder and a clear sealant, gel nails are quick and easy to apply, as well as easy to remove. Depending on the type of dip powder used, UV/ LED lights may be required. Cons are that dip requires multiple layers, or lot of powder, to build up an adequate coat on nails. And unlike acrylic and hard gel nails, dip is not suitable for extending nails.


Shellac is a combination of gel and acrylic, resulting in natural, shiny looking nails. Application is easy, with the mixture brushed onto the nails. To harden, UV light is required. However, these are best repaired and removed by a professional.

Hard Gel Nails

At Posh Salon and Boutique, we offer hard gel nail overlays only. Why is that, you ask? Hard gel nails have become popular over the last few years, and for several reasons. Unlike traditional acrylic nails, hard gel nails, when prepped and applied properly, do not cause damage to your nail beds.

We customize and hand sculpt every set of our hard gel nails, which results in flexible, light weight, and natural looking nails. Other pluses are that hard gel nails are hypoallergenic and do not have the strong odor of acrylic. With proper care, hard gel nails can last for four weeks, and they are easier to remove than other types of overlays.

To get hard gel nails, try our Hard Gel Full Set ($56+). If you have acrylics and want to switch to hard gel, we perform removal ($15).

Hard Gel Nail Application Process

Applying hard gel nails is an easier process than applying acrylic. First, nails are cleaned and cuticles are pushed back. A primer or bonder is then applied to the nails. Next, the hard gel mixture, similar to acrylic, is applied straight from the pot.

For hard gel nail extensions, a form is applied to the nails, and the hard gel mixture applied. Each layer applied is then cured under a UV or LED light. After the curing process (called polymerization), a tacky layer is left on the nails, and is removed with acetone or alcohol. Nails are then buffed to provide a smoother surface to apply color, and nails are then shaped. For a natural look, a gel topcoat can be applied. For color, gel polish can be brushed on.

Hard Gel Nails Removal

Hard gel nails do not soak off. That’s why you should see you us, as we perform safe removal. Our nail technicians are Colorado e-file certified and trained, as we use an e-file to remove as much product as possible, before we then use a hand file.

Schedule an Appointment with Us

Book an appointment with us and treat yourself to a relaxing day by having us beautify your nails. We look forward to creating a nail look unique to you.

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