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Pink Nails for Every Occasion

Love the color pink? Love getting your nails done? At Posh Salon and Boutique in Grand Junction, CO, we perform manicures, pedicures, nail art, and related nail care and maintenance. From basic trim and polish, to hard gel overlays, we can make your dream nails come true. Here’s a look at different ways and ideas to style pink nails.

Hot pink nails
Blending of pink nails with red.

Types of Pink Nails Styles

Pink nails can mean a lot of different styles, from the type of color, nail type, to the overlay of nails used. Nail styles are a type of art, and we take pride in pampering and creating nail looks that are unique and reflect your aesthetic.

Shades of Pink Nails

What shade of pink comes to your mind? Whether it’s hot pink, fuchsia, baby pink, dusty rose, rose gold, neon pink, etc. we have plenty of pink nails options. We can also do color combinations, such as pink and white nails, for example – a play on the traditional French manicure. For a different look, try pink ombre nails, where pink smoothly graduates into another color.

Not into hot pink styles? Opt for a more subtle look with light pink, or short pink nails. With our color selection, pink doesn’t have to mean “bright,” or vivid, girly hues.

Nail Art

Clean and colorful nails are always fun, but nail art truly takes nails to another level. If you have a party coming up, customize your pink nails with rhinestones, glitter, or hand painted nail art. From super glitzy styles to subtly placed glitter, nail art is a great way to rock pink nails.

Pink nails
Freshly finished pink nails design.

Overlay Nail Types

Overlay nails are especially great for special occasions, such as a wedding or a party. At Posh Salon, we only offer hard gel nails extensions. Why, you ask? First, let’s explain the difference between hard gel nails versus acrylic extensions.

When you're considering what kind of overlay nails to get for your pink nails, read on to learn more:

Hard Gel Extensions

At Posh Salon and Boutique, we especially love hard gel nails. But what are hard gel nails exactly? Like acrylic nails, hard gel nails are a type of nail extension that can be shaped like acrylic nails. A key difference is hard gel nails are cured in UV light, rather than evaporating solvents for acrylic. Of important note: hard gel nails are not shellac or gel polish (though we recommend putting gel polish over a hard gel nail for a professional look).

Benefits of Hard Gel Nails

There are a number of reasons why we love hard gel for pink nails (or any color or design), and recommend them to our clients. For starters, hard gel nails are hypo-allergenic, and have better adhesion. The topcoat will never discolor, and hard gels are durable and flexible. When professionally applied and properly maintained, hard gel nails will not damage your nail beds. Easier to sharpen and file, hard gels are also great for creating different kinds of nail shapes (coffin, mountain peak, oval, etc.) Unlike acrylics, hard gel nails do not have strong fumes, so they’re ideal for those with sensitive noses.


Acrylic nails are usually what comes to mind first when one thinks of nail extensions. Acrylics are achieved using a mix of liquid (monomer) and powder (polymer), that is then applied with a brush to your nails. These chemicals are very strong smelling, and can cause allergic reactions in some folks. Acrylics are more likely to show wear and tear, which can result in damage to your natural nails. For example, acrylics can lift, allowing dirt and debris to settle under the extension. This can cause infection. The process for applying acrylics is more complex as well.

While we do not have pink acrylic nails, our nail technicians create pink nail looks that are just as good, aesthetically, if not better, with hard gel nails.

Other Overlays for Pink Nails

It’s easy to confuse overlay nail types, so here’s a basic breakdown of other overlays, when you’re considering what’s best for your pink nails:

Shellac: a combination of gel and nail polish. Easier to remove than gel.

Dip Powder: a coating that is best for short nail lengths, not for extending nails. Quick and easy to apply, and removes with acetone.

Fiber Glass: used with hard gel, fiber glass nails result in natural looking and durable nails. Works best on creating short to medium lengths. Also great in fixing broken nails.

Silk Wrap: silk is glued to the nails, set with a spray, and then gel is applied. Provides similar results to fiber glass, with nails being thin (not bulky), and strong. Popular method in the ‘80s, harder to find today.

Woman with pink nails
Posh babe with recently finished pink nails.

Shapes for Your Pink Nails

In addition to having your nails painted in different shades of pink, we can also shape nails into different designs:


This style is pretty self-explanatory, with nails having squared off, straight edges.


Nails are filed into an oval shape. This shape is especially ideal if you prefer a natural look, or like having shorter nails. If you like bright pink, but don’t want to have super long nails, oval is a great choice for short pink nails.


As the name suggests, this nail tip is a cross between square nails and oval nails.


A more rounded nail edge than oval.


Similar to round tip, but with the nail sides more tapered, resembling an almond shape.


Also known as ballerina nails, coffin nails are one of the most dramatic nail shapes out there. Super long but with a squared off edge, this is a nail look popularized by Kylie Jenner.

V Tip

A variation of a traditional French manicure, v tips are nails with the white tip inverting to the nail edge, creating a “V.”


This dramatic shape lives up to its name as the nail is filed to a spiked, pointed tip.

Mountain Peak

A shorter version of stiletto nails, these nails are often worn by Lady Gaga.


Another variation of stiletto nails, but with an edge that is rounded to a pointed tip.


Just like a tube of lipstick, this shape slants diagonally to one side.


Tips that flare outward, resembling a duck foot.

Blending pink nails with other colors
Blending pink nails with other colors. There are unlimited options!

Pink Nails for the Perfect Occasion

Pink nails are perfect for weddings, parties, and birthdays. Whether you have an idea of what you want your nails to look like, or chat with our nail technicians about possible looks, know that at Posh Salon and Boutique, we always provide professional and unique results. For a fun, sociable day out, come get your nails beautified with us.

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