Hard Gel Nails vs. Acrylic Nails

Updated: Jul 5

What is right for you?

Nail extensions are the hottest beauty trend that will never die, the creative freedom you can manifest is limitless, ever changing and expanding. We can all agree nothing makes you feel more fierce than a fresh set of claws; however do you ever wonder what the heck they are actually putting on your nails? Most times express nail salons come with a language barrier and fast services that seem confusing yet ideal- here is your nail guide to the healthy nail bed and longer lasting sets.

First off, what is the difference between hard gel and acrylic and why is there a choice?

Hard gel is a nail enhancement like acrylic nails, except it cures in a UV light. It is NOT gel polish/shellac/soft gel/soak off gel. You can put gel polish over hard gel (and you should because it looks great). You can extend the length of the nail with hard gel, just like acrylic. It can be sculpted and shaped just like acrylic. The only difference is that hard gel hardens through UV light rather than through evaporating solvents (like acrylic). There are many benefits to using the innovative nail enhancement that is hard gel.

Why Posh Chooses Hard Gel Enhancements

-Super shiny Top coat will never discolor


-Not damaging to nail if there is trauma

-No strong fumes

-Better adhesion

-Bonder is acid-free

-Bonder hides lift lines and fill lines

-Bonder had great adhesion

-Cures in 30 seconds

- Many gels are self-leveling which creates a natural, smooth finish

-Can be worn with nail polish for a very natural look