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Welcome to Posh

Hello there!


We're thrilled that you're considering partnering with Posh for your beauty needs. Our salon is conveniently situated in the heart of Downtown Grand Junction, making it easily accessible. As a valued new guest, your experience with us will begin with a warm and friendly greeting, followed by a guided tour of our 4000-square-foot salon space. 


Someone from our concierge team will give you a  refreshment menu before your service starts – enjoy a complimentary coffee (featuring local Kiln coffee beans), Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, and various tea options. We also provide a selection of snacks for a quick energy boost during those longer appointments and busy days.


Your journey with us is personalized from the start. Your service provider will conduct a thorough consultation; it's important to us that we understand your hair history, goals, and expectations before getting started. We promise you that we will ALWAYS discuss the cost of your appointment BEFORE creating. This includes a transparent breakdown of everything discussed and agreed on during your consultation before starting any service. No surprises here! 

Your stylist is highly trained to craft a haircut and color that perfectly complements your face shape, lifestyle, and hair goals. If you are receiving a color service with us, we will create a unique formula tailored just for you. This formula will be recorded in your profile, guaranteeing consistent results each time you visit. 

If you would like a quiet appointment (minimal talking) or need to work during your appointment, just let your service provider know. 

Our commitment to your comfort during your visit is important; we offer an array of amenities to keep you at ease throughout your stay, so don't hesitate to ask if you need anything; we are more than happy to accommodate you. 

As your appointment wraps up, we will share our product recommendations for maintaining your look at home, and give you a New Client bag with some goodies as a way to say "Thank You".

A concierge team member will assist you in scheduling your next appointment and show you how to use our online booking platform, allowing you to arrange visits at your convenience.

You can anticipate a follow-up call from your stylist within the week. They will check in and ensure you are loving your new look and answer any questions you may have about home care or styling during that time as well. 


We're excited to get to know you and help you achieve your beauty goals.

XOXO - Posh Team ​​​​

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