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Hair Salon Style Trends and Benefits

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

You know the saying: new hair, new you. If you want to change your look, changing your hair is one great way to do so. Professional hair salons provide so much more than just a good haircut. They provide styling advice, expert-level execution of both cuts and coloring, and a fun experience (which let’s be honest – we could all use more of that in our lives).

Hair salons also have the latest trends and styles at their fingertips for you when you want to update your look. 2022 in particular has some very interesting mixes of hair styles both new and classic just waiting for us for what’s “in” right now.

Hair salon
Fresh hair cut and styling at Posh Salon & Boutique.

Trending Hair Styles for 2022

What are the trending hairstyles for 2022? It boils down to these main categories: natural texture, layers, and lobs and bobs. Read on to get your daily dose of professional hair style advice:

Natural Textures

For the last few years, women have been embracing their natural hair textures to greater extents, whether it be straight, wavy, or uber-curly textures. As more people work from home, they want a fuss-free beauty routine. This trend will continue this year, as women use less heat and hair styling products.

The benefits are less styling time, and healthier hair, overall, as less hair is exposed to heat and styling tools. At Posh Salon and Boutique, we fully assess your type and color before working with you, to cut and trim accordingly, for a style that works with your natural hair texture.

If you have hair past your jawline, and need a basic fix up, try our Signature Cut ($44+). This service helps refresh and maintain your general style, while our curly hair specific Deva Cut ($76+) enhances this hair type curl by curl.

Low Maintenance Looks and Colors

As more women rock their natural hair textures, preference for natural long and low maintenance colors are in. To enhance your natural hair color, we offer balayage/ ombre coloring, using a free-hand painting technique, which results in a more natural, sun kissed look, and low upkeep. Toner is included.

Classic Layered Hair

The 90’s and early 2000’s continue to trend as an “in” style. As a result, layered hair is back. For example, mid-length layered hair that hits your collarbones is popular. To make layers stand out more, opt for specially placed highlights.

Wolf and Octopus Cuts

For a more dramatic take on layered cuts, there’s also the “wolf cut” and “octopus cut”. These are a cross between a shag and a mullet but with a much softer, natural appearance. With these styles, volume and body are at the top of the head, with longer, thinned out layers to the sides.

The difference between the two? Wolf cuts tend to be more piece-y and airy (Billie Eilish is a prime example), while octopus cuts usually have longer, thicker layers, or tentacles. Messy bangs often accompany either of these cuts. While these styles look messy, cool, and effortless, the cuts are best done by a professional so that the layers are cut right, especially considering the dramatic differences created by weight and type of hair.

Blunt Cut Bobs and Lobs

Not into layered hair? Chin grazing bobs and collarbone sweeping lobs are an easy, yet dramatic way to change up your look. Echoing the trends of the 1920’s, in 2022 shorter styles are back. If you have thinner and/ or fine hair, try of one these styles as they are often bluntly cut, giving the appearance of fuller and thicker hair.

Super Shiny, Sleek Hair

One buzzword for hairstyles in 2022: gloss.

Apart from the trends mentioned above, impossibly shiny hair is trending on social media. Especially Tik Tok. To achieve this look, we offer the ultimate smoothing and shine treatment: the Brazilian Blowout ($200+), which lasts for 12-16 weeks.

Super Long

Rapunzel locks continue to trend. If your long locks are looking a little lackluster, try our L’anza Emergency Treatment Add On ($21). This deep conditioning treatment reduces frizz and brings back shine.

Don’t have long hair, but it? We offer natural-looking extensions so you can have just that. A hairdresser will assess your hair to be sure you’re a good candidate for extensions.

Dramatic Color

Rainbow colors and pastel shades are here to stay in 2022. If you’re going for a dramatic change, our Transformational Cut and Styling Tutorial ($74+) provides a hair assessment and product recommendations.

Hair salon dramatic colors
Dramatic colors are eye-catching, and trending.

One Color Statement Shades

If you’re not a fan of rainbow hair, statement colors such as jet black or platinum blonde are in. We offer Single Process Color ($64+) and Full Foil ($106+) for going full blonde.


Wispy, long bangs are an easy way to make a change without a drastic chop. Part them to the side or center part for versatile styling.

Men’s Hairstyles

Like we said, Posh Salon isn’t just for the ladies, we style men as well. For hair shorter than your jawline, there’s our Short Cut service ($32+). As for 2022 men’s hairstyles, expect undercuts (hair longer on the top and clipped on the sides) and pompadours (volume at the top of the head) to be in.

Why Go to a Hair Salon?

Before you reach for that box of home color, or cut your own hair, visit us at Posh Salon and Boutique in Grand Junction, CO, instead. Our amazing hairstylists know how to expertly cut and color hair so you get your dream hairstyle right the first time.

All of our hairstylists heartily agree that one of the reasons why women go to a hair salon in the first place is to correct a home color and/ or cut that went wrong. For example, your hair turned out carrot orange instead of glossy blonde. Or, you butchered trimming your bangs, and need them evened out by a professional. Or, perhaps you’re wanting to change the texture of your hair. For any chemical processing that alters your hair’s internal structure, you should always see a professional hair salon: us!

Fun Day Out

Making an appointment at a hair salon can be for more than just aesthetic results – it can be a fun social event. Bring a friend along and discuss possible hairstyles. With the last two years especially, as more and more people work from home, getting out of the house has become a necessity. One way to get away from the home desk is to visit us, and let us pamper and amaze you by taking care of your hair.

Fun day out at a hair salon
Nothing beats a fun girl's day out at a local hair salon.

Expert Styling Advice

Seeing an eye-catching hair style and/ or color is one thing, but the execution of it is another. When you visit a hair salon, you can discuss your wants and needs with your hairdresser. At Posh Salon and Boutique, we fully consider each client’s specific hair type, needs, and current condition. True hairstylists know that hair isn’t just hair; hair types vary from person to person. For example, is your hair fine or coarse? Straight, wavy, or curly? Is your hair shade warm, cool, or neutral? etc. By considering your hair and hairstyle goals, we provide the style and/ or cut that works best for your hair.


Prior to any dramatic cuts and/ or colors, at Posh Salon and Boutique, we highly recommend and prefer that you have a consultation with us before scheduling a service. Why? That way we can see and assess your hair, develop a plan, discuss pricing, and present any alternate options that might work great for you. Consultations are 15 minutes, and we may possibly test strands of your hair, as well, so we get the best possible accuracy when working with you.

Quality Hair Products

At our salon we have high quality hair products available to purchase. We offer several types of shampoos and conditioners (such as clarifying, thickening, glossifying, and color safe), hair sprays, hair oils, and leave-in treatments. We also offer hair styling pastes and mists.

Additional Hair Salon Services

We provide the most basic cuts and colors, to the most dramatic color work, to touch ups and maintenance, to Brazilian blowouts and extensions. For more information about our services, visit our hair services page.

In addition to women's cuts and coloring, we also provide the following:

Kid’s Haircuts

For kids, we offer the Children’s Cut ($29+), which includes shampoo, custom cut, and blow dry. For kid’s ten and under, we can put in glitter gel, for a sparkly finish.

Bridal Services

It’s your big day, and we can help. Sit back and leave the beautifying to us, whether it’s hair, nails, makeup, and/ or tanning. We can do lash extensions, as well. For on-site styling, there’s also our “The On-Site Bride” package. Book as early as possible, so we can accommodate all your needs.

For the Guys

Posh Salon isn’t just for the ladies. We also provide beard trims, nose, brow and neck waxing for the guys.

Nails and other Beauty Services

Professional hair salons often offer more than just style hair – it’s a place that provides all kinds of beauty services. So, in addition to our hair services, we also offer nail salon services. So, if you need a manicure or pedicure (or both), come visit us. We provide everything from basic nail care and trims, hard gel extensions, maintenance, and removal, to nail art. Be sure to check out our blog post about hard gel nails to learn why we’re such a fan of this nail overlay.

We also provide other beauty services, such as brows (brow wax and brow lamination) and tanning services and memberships.

Fresh hair salon styles
Let your hair express yourself.

Visit our Facebook and Instagram Page

If you’re stuck in a hair rut and need some inspiration, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to view our work. You’ll also see examples of our nail work, lash extensions, brow services, and products available to purchase. To change up or maintain your look, choose Posh Salon and Boutique by making an appointment. We look forward to bringing out the most fabulous version of you!

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