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Winter Hair Troubles

During the winter months we increase the moisture that we put on our skin, but rarely think of our hair in the same way. It is important for one to think about their hair in the same way. In the winter receiving moisturizing hair treatments are not only good for your hair but are also good for your scalp and practicing scalp care in the dry months of winter is essential to healthy hair in the spring.

1. avoid hot hot showers. ( we know they feel great, however, they dry out the skin and the hair).

2. Don't leave the house with wet hair. (again it can be very drying, also it can cause the hair to freeze causing damage).

3. Use a deep conditioning masque (Lanza has a great moisturizing one that we at Posh highly recommend).

4. Try not to wash your hair everyday.

5. Wear a hat

6. Use an oils (Lanza Neem Oil, or Healing Oil are lightweight and nourishing to the hair).

7. And don't forget to schedule those regular trims and treatments they will do your hair some good and your Posh stylist would love to see you.

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