Quarantine Hair, DO care!

How to have the BEST hair EVER by May 2020

Hey all you cool cats and kittens!

We're still here working hard and blogging away at home to bring you the latest and greatest beauty advice to soak in while you stay home and stay SAFE!

We will miss seeing you during April and still care about you and your luscious locks so here is some hair care advice to come back out of this quarantine with the the best hair

EVER by May 2020:


That's right! Put those hot tools AWAY until MAY! Bye bye blow dryers! Thermal Tools are the #1 cause of damaged, broken and split ends. Give your hair a break and let her go natural for a while, you will be amazed how shiny, soft and MANAGEABLE it can be 30 days heat free!

2. Get some Quality Hair Care products- LANZA FOREVER!

The seasons are changing and its about that time to switch up your hair care routine- this is important because your hair will need different care during any changes: routines, stress and even weather.

Lanza is always Posh's "go-to" brand for EVERY hair ailment. While most products put a "band aid" over the problem, Lanza actually goes deep into the hair cortex to HEAL your hair from the INSIDE out leaving your hair healthy, nourished and shiney through any

kind of change. During your hair detox we recommend using the Lanza Strengthening Shampoo, Lanza Moisturizing conditioner and the Lanza Neem Oil to reverse heat and color damage with the CP- Anti aging complex.

3. No more WET styles!

This includes:

- Wet ponytails

- Tight Wet Braids