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How to Take Care of Winter Hair

Welcome back to the Posh blog!

We are SO excited for the change of the season and all the amazing fall trends that are surfacing, fall is literally in the hair! Fall and winter 2019 is all about melty, rich and luscious warm tones- coppers, caramels and golds! We're bringing Brunettes back people!

Warm tones are so beautifully natural they compliment this colder weather by bringing a little sunshine back into your life, and they are a smidge easier to maintain than your summer blonde (hallelujah).

The transition from light to melty will do wonders for your hair as the season changes to the colder and drier temps, your hair routine will definitely need a little tweaking! How do you maintain the best hair during the winter? Posh blog to the rescue!

Four major things your hair NEEDS this winter:

1. Moisture

Wherever you are from, we can all agree our hair can get dry and brittle in the colder weather. Dry and brittle = damaged and breaking. Give your hair a fighting chance this winter with our Lanza Healing Moisture line and our Healing Keratin Treatment Oil and schedule your Emergency Healing treatments now, your hair will thank us later!

Revitalize dry, dehydrated hair with lightweight moisturizers that leave hair smooth, silky, and manageable.

2. Heat & Color Protection

Heat protection is especially important in the fall and winter, our hair is changing to prepare for the cold so you'll probably be using your heat tools a lot more in these months. Sorry Colorado gals, no easy beach wave routines for you! A good heat protector will do a few amazing things for your hair, saves your dry, winter hair from being literally fried off with your heat tools but also saves your color! Our Lanza Thermal Defense Spray and Smoothing Balm will create a barrier between your color and your hot tool for maximum color longevity- protection up to 450 degrees! Don't let those tones just melt away!

3. No Wet Heads/ Buns

Okay guys, this is a big one. If you are a 'Shower in the morning' kind of person; DO NOT leave your house with wet hair! The cold air from outside will destroy the elasticity and protein bonds in your hair, leaving it weak, stretchy and broken. With that being said, wet buns are the ultimate culprit of hair damage. Please, please retire the wet bun trend, your hair is 60% stretchier when wet, being stretched into an elastic and left to dry will break your hair mid shaft resulting in fly aways and weak ends.

Beauty Tip: Shower at night and allow your hair to dry naturally before laying down, this will allow your scalp to create natural oils to nourish your hair throughout the day.

4. Always wear a hat or scarf

Hats are more than just a fashion statement. Not only do they protect you against the harmful UV rays, they also help draw out the natural oils that can be produced by your scalp. You can also Cover your hair with a scarf. Like hats, scarves are not just a fashion trend. They also can protect your hair. By minimizing exposure to harsh, cold air, a scarf can help prevent hair fibers from becoming too dry, which leads to breakage.

Well friends I hope this quick Winter Hair guide will help you have the best hair for the rest of 2019 and we cant wait to see you!


Posh Beauty Team

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