How to Take Care of Winter Hair

Welcome back to the Posh blog!

We are SO excited for the change of the season and all the amazing fall trends that are surfacing, fall is literally in the hair! Fall and winter 2019 is all about melty, rich and luscious warm tones- coppers, caramels and golds! We're bringing Brunettes back people!

Warm tones are so beautifully natural they compliment this colder weather by bringing a little sunshine back into your life, and they are a smidge easier to maintain than your summer blonde (hallelujah).

The transition from light to melty will do wonders for your hair as the season changes to the colder and drier temps, your hair routine will definitely need a little tweaking! How do you maintain the best hair during the winter? Posh blog to the rescue!

Four major things your hair NEEDS this winter:

1. Moisture

Wherever you are from, we can all agree our hair can get dry and brittle in the colder weather. Dry and brittle = damaged and breaking. Give your hair a fighting chance this winter with our Lanza Healing Moisture line and our Healing Keratin Treatment Oil and schedule your Emergency Healing treatments now, your hair will thank us later!

Revitalize dry, dehydrated hair with lightweight moisturizers that leave hair smooth, silky, and manageable.