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Summer 2020 Posh Trends

Check out Posh Salon & Boutique's five hottest trends for Summer 2020

Healthy hair, DO care!

With more time at home and less time in public, our hair is reaping all the rewards this summer. This is the time for effortless waves and rooty balayages #healthyhairgang #longhairdocare

give your hair a break from hot tools and let those glorious locks flow freely. Did you know your hair can get sunburned? Make sure to stock up on some of Posh's favorites before you hit the lake or the pool this summer:

Noni Fruit Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner Spray

-Thermal protection up to 482 degrees

-Lightweight hydration conditions and detangles instantly

Lanza Healing Color Care Guard

-Extends hair color life up to 107%

-Prevents water-induced color fading

Nail Game, STRONG

We are #OBSESSED with all these mixed texture master pieces on the rise! The possibilities are endless with all the #claws inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram - We cant wait to see what you come up with!

Popular Nail art to ask your nail tech about:


A timeless classic that never ages; millions of sparkles to custom mix any color combo your little heart desires. Try mixing multiple glitters of different sizes and colors together for a super awesome layered look. Leave off a top coat on your glitter to create a super unique "sugar" textured design!


A Posh guest favorite: This gorgeously shiny trend is all the rage right now. With so many color and technique options this is a quick and easy way to spruce up every set! Barbie Chrome Pink or Holographic Pearl? Good luck picking just one!

Neutral Matte

Simple & Classy, Trendy & Chic- If too much bling just ain't your thing this is a perfectly easy way to dress up a classic set. Add a matte top coat to any gray, cream or nude color for a fun POP of texture right in your comfort zone.

That Sweet Face of Yours

Due to the COVID shift, masks are the new norm. Getting ready in the morning just became a smidge easier considering we now only need to do half our face (LOL) so ditch the lips and invest in your eyes- they will let the smile shine right through.

Rainbow Lash Extensions

You heard us.


long luscious lashes are a girls weakness; we know this. You can add a little pop of color at your next fill for the cutest and stylish eye upgrade. Pink, purple, red, blue and green are beautiful accents- why not mix them all together for something super extra!

Go Big & Stay Home

We Suggest taking some risks and trying brighter and bolder eye looks to help ease the pain of the limited creative expression- That Hot pink eyeshadow you've never used in your morphe pallette? IT'S YOUR TIME TO SHINE GIRL. Play with new techniques and master your "wing", channel your inner youtube guru.

Sunless Tanning

Quick and easy bronzing without exposure to harmful tanning beds- try a sunless tan! usually only about a 30 min appointment, you'll be bronzed and beautiful in just 1-12 hours depending on product!

Posh Fashion

What can you expect from the Posh Boutique this summer? Our amazing Boutique Coordinator Alexus Gallegos (@allbyalexusG) has a few tips tricks and style updates right here for you:

"As the warmer weather approaches the new trends do as well! As one of the buyers for our local boutique I am seeing so many fun new looks! I will say that muted pastels are very much in and I'm over the moon about it! I am also seeing our animal prints coming back around to play but not the traditional leopard or cheetah, more like Dalmatian and cow prints. They sound horrific, but you guys have to stay tuned and connected with us to see our new arrivals. I'm sure you'll be very impressed with how well they pair with other items in our boutique.

I feel like the floral prints are also starting to circle back to the 70s vibe and BELL BOTTOMS are hot right now you guys! Watching trends come and go is so much fun, watching history make its way back with a modern twist is the best part.

Blonde never goes out of style… new techniques and new tones! Out with the ASH in with the Bright and Beige! Thank god that ash trend is over because if I'm being honest no hot blonde babe deserves dingy hair! Bring on the beige babes!"

We hope you enjoy the Posh 2020 trends and we can't wait to see what you are sporting this summer!


Posh Babes

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