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Interview with an Eyelash Artist

Are Lash extensions right for you?

Welcome back to the Posh Blog! We sat down with our amazing Lash expert, Kayla Rigdon, to bring you all the juicy details about Eyelash Extensions!

1. What are Eyelash Extensions? Eyelash extensions are synthetic mink lashes glued to your natural lash. The synthetic lashes come in many lengths, curls and diameter so your lash artist can completely customize your lashes to suit your eye shape and look you’re going for. We offer a few different styles of eyelash extension at Posh, classic, volume and hybrid.

2. What's the difference between Classic, Volume and Hybrid Sets?

Classic eyelash extension are a 1:1 ratio, meaning, one synthetic lash of a thinker diameter is places on your natural lash. This technique gives a very natural look. Classic lashes are perfect for clients who already have a lot of lashes, but want to add more length. Volume eyelash extensions are handmade fans of ultra fine lashes to create a fuller, fluffier look. This technique works great for any client with any lash type. It can be used to add fullness and length to thin, fine lashes or to create dense, dramatic style. Hybrid lashes are a mixture of Classic and Volume lashes to create a fuller set for those with thinner natural lashes or for those wanting a denser Classic set.

3. How to Upkeep your extensions?

Improper care can lead to damage of the natural lash and infection. Aftercare and upkeep is the same for all styles of extensions.

* Avoid Moisture for 24hrs. (no shower, steam or sweat)

*Heat can melt or distort extensions. Avoid strong heat such as BBQ or ovens.

*Avoid rubbing or pulling on extensions. This can cause damage to the natural lash. *Avoid oil-based products. They will break down the adhesive causing poor retention. *Clean lashes DAILY with oil-free cleanser.

*Do not use mascara or eyelash curler on extensions.

*Book a fill every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and fluffy!

4. Cautions/ Risks and Signs of Allergy? With proper care and application it is safe to continue getting your lashes filled as long as you would like, however, if you would like to get them removed the process is quick and easy. A gel remover is placed on the extension to breakdown the glue and the extension is removed from the natural lash with no damage. While allergic reactions and irritation caused by eyelash extensions are rare, they can happen. If you have had a reaction to lash extension in the past or have sensitive skin a patch test is required before a full service can be completed. This test will determine if you have any reaction or allergy to any products used during a lash service. Clients who develop an allergic reaction to their eyelash extension adhesives will typically experience swelling and itching of the eyelids. These usually show up within the first 3 days (72 hours) of completion of a lash service. If this occurs the lashes will need to be removed.

5. What makes a GREAT lash artist? A good lash artist should be able tell the length/weight/style that will work best on the natural lash so that no damage is done to the natural lash. It is also the lash artist job to educate the client on proper aftercare. Improper care can lead to poor retention, damage to the natural lash and infection.

Lash Extensions are the most effortless and amazing beauty enhancements, we highly recommended giving them a shot if they seem right for you! Call and book/consult with any of our fantastic lash experts if you have any questions or concerns and we hope to see you soon!


Posh Beauty Team

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