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Hot Hairstyles for Fall 2020

Welcome back to the Posh Blog! We hope you all are staying healthy and happy during this strange time and hope this segment will bring a little normalcy and convenience back to your hair routine- we are stoked to share all these classic hair trends coming back with such a cute modern feel!

BOHO Everywhere You Go

This is the time to rock effortless, loose and simple styles. Long, blended layering and light face framing compliment these Loosely swept back half up looks, beachy tousled waves and lived in braids! The key to creating these looks is to basically try less- something you don't have to tell us, twice! Use your hair's natural wave/curl with a little volumizing mousse or dry texture spray and ditch the Hot Tools; your hair will thank us later! We are so happy to see super straight, polished looks are a thing of the past and we're ready to see what this hair can really do!

Hair Accessories

Barrettes, scrunchies, scarves and clippies are so hot right now and we are READAY for these super cute vintage styles resurfacing again. I mean seriously how dang CUTE, just pop a cute oversized barrette to any style for an amazingly simple and classy look. You can find the cutest and cheapest hair accessories on amazon, many for less than $5!

Take it Back Now Y'all

2020 is a serious time machine bringing back the best aesthetics from all the best decades. Butterfly clips, Modern mullets and Shags, crimping, Farrah Fawcett feathering- BRING IT ALL BACK PEOPLE! If you missed it then, live it now! I don't know about you but

Lizzie Mcguire was my Idol but I was too

young to channel her fantastic hair accessory collection and eccentric fashion sense - but I'm 30 now and I'm gonna rock the HECK out some space bun piggy tails and platform flip flops - we suggest you do the same! Live your best life and rock a shag for the rest of 2020, we'll be cheering you on so hard girl.


Posh Babes

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