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10126.0.1004.100.[unreadable] The purpose of the project is to enhance the research skills and knowledge of a talented young scientist, with a specific focus on preventing and/or reducing the growing burden of obesity and the associated health consequences. The candidate is an Assistant Professor of Physiology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and has recently received a K12 to develop and enhance clinical research skills in hypertension (K08). This award will prepare her to develop an independent research program on the behavioral determinants of weight gain and the effectiveness of a cognitive-behavioral weight loss intervention. To accomplish this goal, the proposed project will address four Specific Aims. First, the applicant will conduct a systematic review of the literature on behavioral determinants of weight gain. The findings from this review will then be used to create a cognitive-behavioral conceptual framework. Next, the concept will be tested through two separate studies. The first is a randomized, controlled trial comparing a cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) intervention to a healthy lifestyle control (HLC) condition in 48 participants. The second is an observational study of the behavioral determinants of weight gain. Study 1 will determine if the CBT intervention is more effective than the HLC condition for preventing weight gain. The second study will establish whether characteristics of the weight gainer influence the efficacy of the intervention. In Study 2, participants will be classified based on characteristics of the weight gain observed in Study 1. Those classified as weight gainers (n = 18) will receive the CBT intervention, while those classified as non-weight gainers (n = 18) will serve as a comparison group and receive the HLC condition. The results of the first study will determine whether the CBT intervention is more effective in preventing weight gain than the HLC condition in a high risk population. Results from the second study will determine if participants who gain weight will respond differently to the intervention than participants who do not gain weight. It is anticipated that the proposed project will contribute to an understanding of the behavioral determinants of weight gain, which will provide the applicant with the knowledge and skills to be a successful independent investigator. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]Q: Como obter um arquivo no java e renomear o mesmo Estou com um problema, preciso criar um programa que leia um arquivo no java e o renomeie conforme a sequê



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