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"I found I was more confident when I stopped trying to be someone else's definition of beautiful and started being my own"

-Remington Miller

our story

In 2013, Posh Studio emerged, initially as a humble 3-chair salon. The pace of our growth quickly outstripped our space, prompting a move just a few doors down to a more accommodating setting.

The momentum continued in 2014 with the launch of Posh Boutique, an adjacent venture. Yet, our expansion was relentless, soon prompting us to discover a captivating space on Main Street. Despite the uncertainty, we embraced the challenge and embarked on a new chapter.

By 2015, we had undergone a transformation into Posh Salon and Boutique, signifying our evolution. Our Main Street location is our pride, equipped with 3 treatment rooms, a nail bar catering to 4 clients, 10 stylist stations, 3 pedicure chairs, and a dedicated boutique area.


Our values, firmly grounded in principles like servant leadership and collaborative teamwork, guide our daily efforts. We are committed not only to each other's well-being but also to ensuring that every individual who enters our doors is treated with the utmost care and respect

Established 2013


meet the owner

Erika Brown 

I’m Erika Brown, born and raised in Grand Junction and proudly going on 10 years as the owner and visionary for Posh. I am so happy you have found us. 

As a working mom of two, I know exactly how important it is to carve out time for self care. Filling up your cup and feeling special, pampered and beautiful is so important. That is why I’ve designed the Posh experience, down to the last little detail. I wanted to start a salon company where me and my team could offer a unique experience, leaving you feeling refreshed, recharged and more confident than ever.


I’ve been a stylist and nail tech for the last 13 years, graduating from the Salon Professional Academy here in town in 2010. While I was behind the chair until 2021, I recognized it was time to transition into a full time leader for my amazing team and growing business. I have never been more in love and on fire for my career and this industry than I am today.  

My personal passion lies in nurturing and guiding my team's growth. Witnessing them unlock their full potential, achieve their professional and financial goals, and still enjoy a beautiful work/life balance fuels my drive.


The inception of Posh stands as a testament to love, tireless effort, and devotion. Securing the "Best of the West" accolade for the fifth consecutive year provides affirmation that determination and dedication indeed produce remarkable outcomes. None of this would be possible without my amazing team. 


While most salons offer a great first visit and solid home care products for maintenance between appointments, Posh offers something a bit different. We specialize in creating a long-term beauty routine that works with your beauty budget. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, so our team will always reach out a few days after your appointment to ensure you are loving everything, or schedule a complimentary adjustment.


I can’t wait to meet you, but until then enough about me! Head over to our New Guest Page so I can learn more about you. 

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